The end of the "Mysboard" as a huge board game convention

At the early part of this blog, I introduced a huge board game convention "Mysboard".

"Mysboard", the largest board game convention held by a non-profit individual in Japan

"Mysboard" has collected more than 150 participants every month, but such a huge game convention will end in March this year.  This is because Ota Kumin Center, which was a venue of Mysboard, will be closed due to aging.  In the vicinity of Kamata, since there are no other venues that can accommodate more than 150 people and can be used at reasonable prices, future Mysboard will be held on a reduced scale.

The last Mysboard at the current venue was held on March 24.  I played "The Deception of Antiques: 12 Chinese Zodiac Bronze Heads(古董局中局:十二兽首)" that I bought in Beijing, "Deca Slayer" that the Kickstarter project is in progress, and some other games.

The Deception of Antiques: 12 Chinese Zodiac Bronze Heads - BGG

Deca Slayer - BGG

I participated in Mysboard since the early days and deepened friendship with many board gamers in Mysboard, so I am sad about the reduction of it.  However, there are many other board game conventions in Tokyo.  Board game playing spaces increased as compared to the Mysboard launch.  There is nothing to be troubled by the place and companions to play board games.

I thank Makoto Akiyama and his collaborators who have managed Mysboard so far.  And I want to keep involved with Mysboard even if the scale becomes smaller than before.


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