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Board games in Indonesia

I went to Indonesia in September. I visited board game shops, board game cafes, and events like C3 AFA Jakarta and Popcon Asia. BEKRAF and APIBGIThis picture is a signboard I found in Popcon Asia.
BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia) is an Indonesian government organization that promotes the creative industry. And APIBGI (Asociasi Pegiat Industri Board Game Indonesia) is an association of Indonesian board game industry founded in 2017. These organizations support the Indonesian board game industry. 
If the support of these organizations works well, the board game industry in Indonesia can develop significantly.

In C3 AFA and Popcon Asia, there were large board game booths. I played many Indonesian board games and had fun. I'll show some of them.
CandrageniCandrageni | Board Game Geek
This is an ambitious game that contains many mechanisms such as worker placement and grid movement. It is also a feature that the game may end without a winner due to natural disasters.
This game was pub…

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