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Tokyo Game Market 2018 Autumn report

Tokyo Game Market 2018 Autumn was held on 24th and 25th November. 
About 22,000 people gathered and enjoyed this convention. This is the most number in the history of the Tokyo Game Market.

I'll introduce some games I found in this Tokyo Game Market.
"Tenka Meidou(天下鳴動)". The first edition was published in 2017 by a small indie publisher 77spiele, and it was awarded the Game Market Award 2018.  It has very cheap components, but the system is simple and sharp. It is an area control game. Players roll two dice and choose two to decide where to deploy army. Regions have different VPs, and when you win a region with a low VP, you can send reinforcements to adjacent regions with higher VPs.
Official Site(Japanese):

"In this way I become a DICTATOR(斯くして我は独裁者に成れり)" is an innovative discussion game. Each player has seven role cards at the beginning. Role cards have various winning conditions. For example, the Dictator wins when he g…

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