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Game Market 2019 Osaka report

Game Market 2019 Osaka was held at Intex Osaka.

6,900 people gathered the event. This was 900 people more than last year.

I'll show you some pictures.

Raid on Takao(高雄大空襲) A cooperative game that aims to survive from air strikes in Kaohsiung, Taiwan during World War II. It was created by Taiwanese publisher Mizo Games(迷走工作坊).

Improvement of the POLISA 45 minutes game that develops the polis in ancient Greece. A reprint of a game that won the "Game Market  Expert Category Award 2018". 
7th NightA game in which two fairies play against each other. Reprint of a game published in 2012. The dolls of fairies are cute!
"Dual Clash Poker" and "Mr.Face(がんめんマン)"These are Oink Games' new games. "Dual Crash Poker" is a simple 2 to 2 card game. "Mr.Face" is a game that expresses emotions by arranging face parts.
In this game market, there were so many light party games. On the other hand, I could hardly see innovative games.Many game designers probab…

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