Sengoku Domino(戦国ドミノ), Domino-style area control game

Game Market Osaka is over, but there is a 2017 game I'd like to introduce yet.  That is "Sengoku Domino(戦国ドミノ).  This game was evaluated highest among Japanese games at the questionnaire of Tokyo Game Market 2017 Autumn.

"Sengoku" means the era in which many feudal lords (called Daimyo) repeated wars in Japan in the 16th century.  Each player becomes one of the famous Japanese Daimyo - Nobunaga Oda, Shingen Takeda, Kenshin Uesugi, or Motonari Mori - and competes for hegemony on the board.  

As the name of Domino, players have rectangular tiles with two symbols from 1 to 6 and place them on the board.

At the beginning of the round, each player shows a tile that he/she wishes to put in order.

Then, place the tiles in order from the player whose total amount of numbers on the tile is low. However, if two or more players show tiles with the same total amount of numbers, they put tiles later.

The board is divided into four battlefields and tiles must be placed on one battlefield until the battlefield is filled. It is possible to put half of the tile on the current battlefield and the other half on the future battlefield.  You must place a tile so that either side is adjacent to at least one same symbol.  Each player has a Daimyo tile which you can place next to any tiles.  You can use it only once during the game.

When no more tiles can be placed in a row or column of each battlefield, determine the dominator of that row. The player with the highest sum of the numerical values of that row dominates the row and puts a flower token.  If there are two or more players with the highest total amount, they lose the opportunity to dominate, and the player with the highest among the other players dominates the row.

Once the dominator of all the rows of one battlefield is decided, the player who placed flower tokens the most in that battlefield becomes the dominator of the castle and puts the flower token at the castle.  If two or more players place flower tokens the most, they lose the opportunity to dominate the castle.

If a player puts two flower tokens at castles or puts a certain number of flower tokens by rows, the player wins.  

"Sengoku Domino" is a tough and strategic area control game.  
Since this is an area control game, a decision to which place to focus on is of course important.  There is a dilemma to which of the size of the number and the playing order to give priority.  It is also strategic to intentionally play a tile with the same number as the opponent and manipulate the playing order.  
As an orthodox area control game, it has potential to be accepted in the world.

The drawback of this game is that the components are cheap in order to reduce manufacturing costs.  I wish a larger publisher to produce a luxury version of this game to sell around the world.


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