"Tea Tao Tabletop", a new blog about Asian board games

I enjoyed Moonlight Boardgame Festival and came back from Taiwan.  
I will report my Taiwan trip later, perhaps this weekend.   I hope you to look forward to it.

By the way, today I will introduce one new blog.

I met a lot of board gamers there, and one of them has recently started a blog introducing Asian board games including Japan.  

Tea Tao Tabletop 茶+道+桌遊

Like me, he wants to spread Asian board games all over the world.  Although his blog still contains only three articles now, I hope this will increase in near the future.  Since it is right after the Tokyo Game Market, all three articles are Japanese games, but games of other Asian countries will be introduced in the future.  I can not introduce all the games by myself alone, so I am grateful for his blog.  

If you are a reader of my blog you will be interested in board games in Asia, so please check this blog by all means.


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