First of all, I'll introduce myself.

I'm glad to meet you!

I'm Sugoroku-Kozo, a board game fan in Tokyo, Japan.

"Sugoroku" means a backgammon-like board game played with dice in Japanese.  And "Kozo" means a boy in Japanese.

I'll report Japanese board game trend and board games by amateur designers in Japan.

I'm glad if you don't mind my poor English and read my reports.

Now, I'll tell how I was fascinated by board games in the world.

When I was a child, I enjoyed classic board games such as Monopoly and Backgammon with my family.
After growing up, I forgot about board games for a long time.

But, I suddenly wanted to play board games in 2009, the year that Dominion won the Spiel des Jahres.  I didn't know why.  It could only be said inspiration.

However, I didn't have board game friends at that time.   So I searched the Internet for places I can play boardgames.  I found several board game conventions, JAGA(Japan Games Association)(Japanese only) and Fukurokoji(Japanese only), and so on.
I began to go to these conventions, and met many board games and made friends.

And now, eight years later, I continue to enjoy board games.  I go to board game conventions almost every weekend, and I have about 200 board games.

I'll go to SPIEL '17 this month.  This is my first time to go to SPIEL.  I'm looking forward to going to SPIEL very much.  Please look forward to my report from SPIEL.

Thank you for reading.  See you again.


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