“Hako Onna” and “Dangerous board game”

Today, I’ll introduce you some board from Japan, “Hako Onna” and “Dangerous board game”.

Hako Onna

Hako Onna” is a board game with a theme of Japanese horror. (“Hako Onna”  is a ghost girl who lurks in a box in the mansion.  Players are divided into two group. One player takes a part of Hako Onna, other players become visitors.

The game is “reverse hide-and-seek”.  If a visitor finds Hako Onna, he will lose and becomes a servant named Hako Bito.  Visitors have to explore the mansion to achieve the “way to survive”, escape from the mansion, defeat Hako Onna, or dispel her.

There is also a dexterity element in this game.  Visitors must stack noise tokens before their turn.  If they collapse a pile,  they “made a noise”, and Hako Onna’s turn starts immediately.

This game expresses the feeling of horror well.  When looking into a tile, I am frightened that there may be Hako Onna.  When stacking noise tokens, my hand trembles with tension.  We can enjoy horror situations with this game well.   This is a highly original work.

Dangerous board game

Next, I’ll introduce “Battle & Destruction High School Dangerous(somehow we pronounce it ‘dangerosu’) board game”.  

The world of “Dangerous” is created by Kyosuke Kagami, Japanese novelist.  It began as a war simulation RPG and spread to novels, comics, and board game.

This game is roughly divided into two parts.

In the first half exploration part, the player explores the school, fights against “Majin(people with supernatural power)”s and adds them to yout colleagues.

In the second half of the decisive battle part, the player organizes party with Majins collected and fight against other players. The player who survived to the end is the winner.

The greatest feature of this game is the ability of various Majins.  Combinations and chemistries of these abilities bring various developments to the game.

In addition, the designer recommends fans to create their own cards with original abilities.  At the Tokyo Board Game Collection held in Asakusa in August, other board game authors made promotion cards that can be used in "Dangerous" and became a hot topic.


And now, I’ll bring “Hako Onna” and “Dangerous board game” to Essen.  I want to show these board games to board gamers around the world and hear their impression.  

See you in Essen!


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  2. Both these games are amazing. My kids had a long weekend this week as they both are sick and can't go to school or anywhere else. So I'd be suggesting them this game and play along with them. Thanks a lot for sharing this game with us.

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