"Mysboard", the largest board game convention held by a non-profit individual in Japan

Hello, everyone.

Today I'll report on "Mysboard", the largest board game convention held by a non-profit individual in Japan.

Mysboard official site(Japanese only)

The name "Mysboard" originate from mystery novel and boardgame.  These are what the organizer of Mysboard, Makoto Akiyama is interested in. 
Makoto Akiyama started up Mysboard with his friends in 2012 in Kamata,Tokyo.  This convention is held once per month, and it gathers about 150 people now. 
Makoto Akiyama also started up Mysboard Nagoya in Nagoya, but I've never been there. 

I participated in 66th Mysboard on October 14th.
The participants in Mysboard  bring their boardgames and heap them up.  If participants want to play one of them, they can borrow it.  Given that there are 150 perticipants, It's a wonder that these games are hardly stolen in this way.  

Mysboard sometimes has some events other than board games.  In this time, real-life room escape, Texas hold'em and Magic: the Gathering were held.  

An entry fee is 300 yen.  This is for rent on rooms and some beverages.  

I played Splendor(with city expansion), Pandemic, Stamp Graffiti, etc. 
Stamp Graffiti is a Japanese board game by Jun-ichi Shinde(Uzumaki Switch).  
Each player makes a sketch with other players. The Answerer tries to guess what word is represented by the sketch the other players drew together. The trick is, the players can only draw using the symbols represented on the Stamp cards they are handed at the beginning of the round. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most VPs! (from rulebook)
Drawing pictures with imited symbols is difficult, and the pictures made by this way is often strange and funny. 
I think it's a nice game, but unfortunately it's out of print now.  

Jun-ichi Shinde belongs to ChagaChaga Games.  If you want to know more about it, check this site.
ChagaChaga Games(almost Japanese only)

Thank you for reading.  See you again.


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