After School Saikoro Club

Today, I'll introduce Japanese board game comic "After School Saikoro Club(放課後さいころ倶楽部)".

"After School Saikoro Club" is a comic by Hiroo Nakamichi which has been serialized since 2013 in Japanese comic magazine "Gessan".  It is one of the few comics I am reading.
This comic is under the supervision of Japanese board game shop "Sugorokuya" (nothing to do with my nickname) and it expresses board games in an easy-to-understand manner.

Emilia (upper left), Midori (upper right), Aya (center left), Kanna (center right), Miki (lower left), Nao (lower right)

In "After School Saikoro Club", high school girls in Kyoto deepen friendship by playing with board games.  

Main characters:
  • Miki: A girl who is introverted, coward and weak in socializing.  She grows up mentally through board games.
  • Aya: A girl who is friendly and innocent, and she can get along with anyone.  A mood maker of this comic.
  • Midori: A girl who works at board game shop "Saikoro Club".  She wants to be a board game designer.
  • Emilia: Appears from episode 30.  A student from Germany.  She also wants to be a board game designer.
  • Nao: Appears from episode 46.  A girl who seems unsociable on the surface, but in fact gentle and honest.  She is in love with the shop manager of "Saikoro Club".
  • Kanna: Appears from episode 49.  A girl who is sober, polite, and enthusiastic about board games.  
  • Shop manager: The shop manager of board game shop "Saikoro Club".  He is half American and half Japanese, and a former military person. 

Below is a list of board games introduced in "After School Doraa Club".
  • Vol.1
    • Marrakech
    • Cockroach Poker
    • Viva Topo!
    • Hol's der Geier(Raj)
    • The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow
  • Vol.2
    • Geister(Ghosts!)
    • Incan gold(Diamant)
    • The Settlers of Catan
    • Telestrations
    • Fauna
  • Vol.3
    • 6 nimmt!
    • King of Tokyo
    • Goita(Japanese traditional game)
    • Dobble(Spot it!)
    • Battle Line
  • Vol.4
    • Love Letter
    • Monjirou(Japanese word game)
    • Island(Survive: Escape from Atlantis!)
    • Keltis
  • Vol.5
    • Pit
    • Onirim
    • Elfenland
    • Daruma san ga korinda(Japanese tradition game)
    • Pandemic
  • 6巻
    • Acquire
    • Blokes
    • Ladies & Gentlemen
    • Barbarossa
    • Carcassonne
  • 7巻[7]
    • Puerto Rico
    • Dancing Dragons
    • Toddles-Bobbles
  • 8巻
    • Pickomino
    • Famiglia
    • Quarto
    • Ciao, Ciao...
    • Labyrinth
  • 9巻
    • Saboteur
    • Legends of Andor
    • Codenames
    • Dixit
  • 10巻
    • Forbidden Desert
    • Celestia
    • Patchwork
    • Karuba
    • Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

Initially when the series began, Japanese board games fans including me were worried how long the board game comic would last.  However, despite our concern, the serialization of the "After School Saikoro Club" continues even after four years, and ten books have been published so far.  And it is contributing to spreading the world's board game to many Japanese comic readers.


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