GiriGiri Curry

This autumn, the Japanese board game cafe "JELLY JELLY CAFE" released "GiriGiri Curry" in accordance with the Shimokitazawa Curry Festival.  Participants of Shimokitazawa Curry Festival collected stamps and received this game.

This package is made to resemble the box of Japanese curry roux.

"GiriGiri Curry" is designed by Kengo Otsuka.  Previously I've introduced his game "Bookmakers" on my blog.  

It is directed by Go Ejin, designer of "Hako Onna".  I mentioned earlier about "Hako Onna", but recently the 4th edition came out so I would like to introduce it in more detail if there is a chance.  

And the producer of JELLY JELLY CAFE, Ryunosuke Sakai produced it.  

"Girigiri" means "barely" in English.  In this game, players put ingredient cards into curry pots and take one of the pots before the curry becomes "Something that is not curry". 

First, combine Curry limit cards and Recipe cards to make curry pots for the number of players.  Each player sees one Curry limit card and one Recipe card.  Players cannot see a Curry limit card and a Recipe card in the same pot.

Each player has 3 Ingredient cards.  In each turn, player chooses one of two.
  1. Put an Ingredient card in any pot from his/her hand.  Then draw a card.
  2. Take a pot.  Then the player will not perform a turn.
Ingredient cards have Taste point and Balance point.  If curry is completed successfully, Taste point will be to score.  However, if the sum of Balance point excesses the Curry limit of the pot, the curry becomes "Something that is not curry" and you get no score. 
Recipe cards change the Balance point of specific kind of ingredients(Vegetable, Seafood or Meat) to 0 or increases Curry limit.
When all players took a pot, calculate score and decide the winner. 

The mechanism of "GiriGiri Curry" is similar to "Coloretto".  Players face a dilemma of putting a card or taking a pot.  Not only that, this is also a game to test your courage by deducing the limits of curry. 

In addition to that, as a result of putting miscellaneous ingredients in the course of the game, strange curry is made.  This is also the appeal of this game.

This game is accepted by many fans, and as of November, it is in the top ranking in the sales ranking of the Japanese board game shop "Yellow Submarine" and "Role & Roll Station".


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