Graffiti Gammon

Today, I will introduce a backgammon redesigned with a sexy and exciting illustration.  Its name is "Graffiti Gammon (Its Japanese name is 'グラギャモン')".  It was produced by Japanese indie board game publisher, "Happy games".

Happy Games website(Japanese only)

Please see the illustration of this attractive devil and angel.  Graffiti Gammon has a story that devil and angel compete for the soul.  

Anyway, let's see the board.  

The board is made of cloth, so we can fold it and easily carry it.  And blue and red jewelry-like checkers are eye-catching.

In Graffiti Gammon, we roll dice into the shot glass.   It's as if we were in a bar.  It's so nice, however, sometimes a die rolls out of the glass before we get used to it.

Graffiti Gammon has seven cards named "Drunk cards".  They have names of liquor and have effects like "Re-roll the dice", "Increase the outcome of one die by one" Etc.  Each player randomly take three of them, and can use two of  three once during the game.  It's an optional rule.   

Graffiti Gammon will be available at the Game Market 2017 Autumn. (I repeat, why the event that will be held in December is called "Autumn"?  I don't accept it.)  Happy Games will set up a booth only on Saturday, December 2nd.  

I hope that many backgammon players around the world will know graffiti gammon. Moreover, I want this work to be sold all over the world.  It's difficult only with the power of a small publisher like Happy Games, but still I cannot help desiring.

In this blog, I will introduce new games still more until the Game Market is held.  Thank you for reading!  


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