Jun Kusaba, the great contributor to Japanese board game world

Today, I will introduce a great contributor of Japanese board game world.  His name is Jun Kusaba.  I will introduce his numerous contributions below.

1. Study of games
Jun Kusaba is a researcher of the game and is discovering many traditional games.  For example, "Cucco" - about 400 years old French traditional card game - is introduced to Japan by Jun Kusaba, and now it is played in Japan.

2.Board game convention "Nakayoshi-Mura(なかよし村とゲームの木)"
Jun Kusaba is a founder of the existing Japanese oldest board game convention "Nakayoshi-Mura".  He established it in 1982, and now it is held every Saturday except for the Bon holidays and the new year.  Not only board games, playing cards, traditional games, gambling games (cash is not bet) are played.

3.Game Market
Jun Kusaba is a founder of Game Market.  He hold the first Game Market in 2000.  The first Game Market gathered about 400 people, then it grew rapidly, changed its venue twice, and now it became a big event that gathers about 13,000 people as you know.  He handed over the status of the organizer to Arclight in 2010, but he is still involved in the game market as the judge chief of the Game Market Award.  

(A pity that do not find the name of the Jun Kusaba in the section of "Game_Market" of Wikipedia English version.)

4.Japon Brand
Jun Kusaba was a leader of Japon Brand from the beginning.  The name "Japon Brand" is also his idea.  Now he seems to be away from the activity of Japon Brand, I didn't see him in Spiel 2017.

The Japanese board game world today is built on his contribution without any doubt.  Every Japanese board gamer knows him and respects him.  I wrote this article aiming to let the world's board gamers to know him and his contributions.  

Thank you for reading.


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