Story of KIZUNA and "Luciola cruciata"

Hello.  I've returned from Essen.  

Originally I thought to write a complaint about the board game of "Attack on Titan" not being able to buy in Japan, but I changed my mind.  Instead, I will write about Japanese new board game which is currently collecting funds with cloudfunding - "Story of KIZUNA and 'Luciola cruciata'".  

Unfortunately, CAMPFIRE - Japanese cloudfunding service they use - is completely domestic, and those who do not live in Japan can not contribute.  Although  it is available on the Game Market 2017 autumn (I can't understand why the event that will be held in December is named "autumn"!), I have no idea whether it will be exported.  But, I believe this work will arrive abroad someday, I will introduce it.  

 "Story of KIZUNA and 'Luciola cruciata'" is a cooperative game playing with 3 - 6 players.

Each player becomes a juvenile with supernatural ability called "Glowry" and fights against human enemies "Old rebellions".  This is a situation that tends to be in Japanese young adult fictions.

In this game, players aim to achieve victory conditions within the prescribed turns while coping with the enemies appearing every round.
Each player has 2 or 3 action points per turn and consumes action points to perform actions below.
  • Attack an enemy
  • Place a KIZUNA token
  • Special skill(consume 2 action points)
When a player attack an enemy, roll a die.  If the total of the outcome and the modification value of the character is the same or higher than the enemy's HP, you can defeat the enemy.  But there is one failure outcome in the die and if the failure comes, the attack fails regardless of the modification value.
If the result of the attack does not reach the enemy's HP, other players who have not yet acted during that turn can abandon their action and support attacking players.

When a player places a KIZUNA token, it increases the character's power depending on the character.  When a player places a KIZUNA token on another player's KIZUNA token, it will be a LINK.  LINK also increases the character's power.
When KIZUNA and LINK satisfy the conditions decided for each character, the character awakens at the end of the turn.  When a character awakens, it is greatly strengthened, its action points per round become from 2 to 3, and it is able to use Special skills.

After all the players finished their actions, the enemies move according to the rules.  Enemies emerge according to the scenario.  If an enemy reaches at KIZUNA token, the KIZUNA tokenIf an enemy escaped from the board, the remaining turns will decrease by 1.

It's the outline of the game.

I played the prototype on November 4.  Below is my impression.

This game is mainly for non-board gamers who like Japanese young adult fictions, so the rule of game is easy to learn.  There is no novelty in this game system, but novelty is not necessary to capture non-board gamers, I think.
I've played scenario #1, #5, and #9, and I felt #1 and #5 are too easy to win for experienced board gamers such as me.  But scenario #9 was tough enough.  Perhaps the difficulties are adjusted for non-board gamers.  It has an another board which increase the difficulties named "Hell Mode" for highly experienced gamer, but I've never tried yet.

The greatest attraction of this game is a well-created world view.  All player characters have unique settings and human relations between them are also set.  Each scenario represents well the situation that tends to be young adult fictions.  I don't like young adult fictions very much, but I would like to pay attention to people's acceptance of the world view of this work.


  1. 1.- I need this in my life.
    2.- Do you live in Japan?
    3.- Now the game is out and it even has an expasion, have you seen the "hell mode" board?
    4.- Thank you for this review.

  2. Sorry for the late reply.
    1 Sorry, I have no idea how you can buy it from overseas.
    2 I live in Tokyo, Japan now.
    3 The "hell mode" board is on the back of the normal board.
    4 Thank you for your comment.


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