Tori Hasegawa, Japanese board game artist and his recent works

On November 30,  I participated in an event to play games that will be sold at the Tokyo Game Market.  And a Japanese board game artist Tori Hasegawa also participated in the event and introduced several games he produced artwork.  He paints illustrations of so many Japanese board games.

For instance, he painted illustrations of "Dice Age: The Hunt" which HobbyJAPAN released at Spiel '17.

Even if limited to 2017, he also painted illustrations of "8bit MockUp", "Oboena SAIKORO", "Oboro Ninja Star Trick", "KAMI NINE (New Edition)" and "Minna de ponkotsu paint".

8ビットモックアップ (8bit MockUp) is a Japanese game that follows the true multi-player solitaire format of games like Take it Easy! or Karuba. Each player has an identical set of tiles, and plays the same tile at the same time to their own tableau. But where each player places each tile differs... 
(from  BoardGameGeek)
In this game, the world is made in front of you as the game progresses. It is nice.

In おぼえなサイコロ (OboenaSAIKORO), you will try to find as many animals as you can, and be the fastest to do so.
But beware! Don’t look for the wrong animal in the wrong place!
And don’t let your opponents be faster than you. Surprisingly, at the end of the game, the player with the most Victory Points will be the winning Pet Café owner.
(from BoardGameGeek) 
It is a memory game.  Memorize where the animals are and take the animals indicated with dice earlier than anyone else.  I am not good at this game because I have poor memory and speed.

Oboro Ninja Star Trick

Trick-taking game for 3 players only.  I haven't played yet.

KAMI NINE(New Edition)

A game that dedicates gifts to Japanese mythological gods and win the gods' favor.  I haven't played yet.

Minna de ponkotsu paint

A game that tries to communicate themes with a minimum number of lines.  Although I used to play "Ponkotsu paint" which is the origin of this game, I haven't played "Minna de ponkotsu paint" yet.

He also paints illustrations of the Japanese version of several overseas designer's games like "Escalation" and "Gaijin Dash!(Japanese version of Rooster Rush)".

He used to paint illustrations of computer games such as "7 (Seven) - The Cavalry of Molmorth -".  He began painting illustrations of board games since 2011, now he has become a very popular board game illustrator.

In addition, he is a fan of combative sports and delivering a podcast "Bo FC" talking about board games and UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship).

I think highly of his ability, but on the other hand I am not satisfied that only he is an object of attention.  I hope that illustrators comparable to him appear in Japanese board game world.


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