"Miraris", a light card game with fantastic illustrations

Today I'll introduce "Miraris".  It's a light card game with fantastic illustrations by Domina Games.

Players explore the Dream World and try to find Wonders.  

Each player has Dormire(currency) cards of 1 to 9.   Before the game, each player chooses a Character card.  Character cards have abilities that increase victory points or have some another effect.

At the beginning of each round, a player puts a number of Wonder cards equal to the number of players, in a row. Wonder cards have victory points.
In each round, each player plays one of the Dormire cards simultaneously.  Then players take Wonder cards in the order of the number of Dormire card.  However, if a player played the same Dormire card as another player, he gets nothing.

After 8 rounds, players reveal character cards and activate Characters' abilities.  The player who has the most victory points wins basically, but one Character card has an ability to win immediately in a certain condition.

Although the system of this game is old-fashioned like "Hol's der Geier(Raj)", there are some twists such as Character cards.  It's a well-made game of simultaneous action that can be played in a short time.

However, the fantastic illustrations of this game are bigger attractions than the game system.  Especially, girls are very cute.  

Asahiro, the illustrator of this game also paints illustrations of other Domina Games' games and his paintings are a major feature of Domina games.  I haven't played other Domina Games' games, but if I play them and like them, I may report on my blog.


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