BakaFire's seriousness to "Sakura Arms"

First of all, I apologize for neglecting to update my blog for a week because I was exhausted at the Tokyo Game Market.

Today, I'll write about "Sakura Arms(桜降る代に決闘を)" and BakaFire, the designer of it.

Sakura Arms — known in Japanese as 桜降る代に決闘を — is a two-player dueling game in which players first choose two of seven megami (Japanese goddesses), each of which has a different keyword which empowers some of their cards. Players then see what the opponent chose before assembling a deck of ten out of 22 cards, with the players choosing cards both to take advantage of their own megami powers and to exploit their opponent's weaknesses. Players then duel to see who will be victorious.
The game uses a single kind of token to represent life, distance, aura(defense), and flare(special energy). The tokens represent this based on the zone they occupy, by moving tokens between zones you attempt to gain the idea position and set up to use as many attacks as possible, or be prepared to avoid attacks.
The gameplay at its core is simple, and due to its limited environment, it is relatively easy to learn the cards for a deck building game. Building a deck and playing normally takes less then 20 minutes. 
(from BoardGameGeek)

"Sakura Arms" published by BakaFire Party in 2016 is currently on sale in the second edition in Japan.  "Sakura Arms" has three expansions and the third one has just been released at the Tokyo Game Market the other day.

BakaFire enthusiastically sells "Sakura Arms" by hosting a lot of events in various places and attending himself.  A collaboration cafe event that took place from November 26th to December 10th at Ueno's board game cafe Musubioryi was one of them.

I visited Musubiyori on December 4th, ordered a cup of special drink and received a souvenir.

Shinra, the megami of sociology

On this day, the weekday tournament of "Sakura Arms" was held and many enthusiastic players participated despite weekdays. BakaFire himself presided at the tournament and handed out a memorabilia to the winner.

By the way, there is such an episode about BakaFire's seriousness to "Sakura Arms".

Just before the third expansion was released, BakaFire Party announced the modification of the cards for game balance adjustment.  Modification was inevitable because some cards of third expansion had big problems that could destroy the game.  "Sakura Arms" is difficult to balance and BakaFire Party is a small organization, so these problems occurred several times in the past.  Every time such a problem occurred, he showed extraordinary honesty and this time it was no exception too.

On "Sakura Arms" official blog, BakaFire not only announced the modification of the cards but also thoroughly explained about the circumstances of the problem occurrence, the reason, and measures to prevent recurrence such as the launch of the development team.  Despite the detection of a big problem just before release, his appraisal came up by his quick measures and faithful explanation.

I appreciate his prompt response and sincere explanation.  Also, with the inception of the development team, the quality of his work will be further improved.  From now on also, I have a great expectation of the game of BakaFire.


  1. Hi Sugoroku-Kozo, thank you very much for your blog entries! I have enjoyed reading about Tokyo Game Market and about the various developers. I'm looking forward to playing Sakura Arms as it's being released by AEG in English sometime this month.

  2. Thank you for reading! I hear that AEG version of Sakura Arms contains wooden sakura tokens. I envy you.


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