Kyosuke Kagami(架神恭介) and "DANGEROUS" world

"Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse" is a board game that is based on a thriller novel by Sebastian Fitzek.   The author Sebastian Fitzek himself provided the idea of the game.  

However, it is not only Germany that novelists engage in the production of board games based on their novels.

In Japan, there is an example that a board game based on a novel is created by the author of that novel.  The name of the game is "Battle Distractive School DANGEROUS (戦闘破壊学園ダンゲロス) Board Game".(For some reason, we pronounce "DANGEROUS" as "Dangerosu".)  

I wrote about "DANGEROUS Board Game" on my blog in October.  So now I'll focus on the author Kyosuke Kagami.

Kyosuke Kagami is an author of the novel of "DANGEROUS" series and he published several other books.  Before telling you about the novel "DANGEROUS", I'll show you his other works below.

He boldly adapted Soseki Natsume's novel in the early in the 20th century "Kokoro" for a zombie panic comic "Kokoro of the Dead - Super Soseki War - (こころオブザデッド〜スーパー漱石大戦〜)".  Kyosuke Kagami calls it "Amazing Adaptation".  This idea is similar to "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".

He also wrote several educational books.  He is particularly familiar with religions and wrote about religions in his own way.  For example, "The History of Christianity without Honor and Humanity(仁義なきキリスト教史)" depicts the history of Christianity as a Yakuza movie style.  

In addition, we must not forget "Condom Cooking Recipe(作ってあげたいコンドームごはん)".  It is a joke recipe book that uses condoms as cooking utensils.  That's crazy!

Now, I will tell you about "DANGEROUS".  

"DANGEROUS" has a unique origin.  
Kyosuke Kagami and his fellows started a war game named "DANGEROUS" on the Internet in 2007 and it still continues.  

In this war game, 10 - 20 participants create their own characters who have supernatural powers(they are called "Majin(魔人)") and fight each other.  

When players participate in this game, they agree with the terms permitting the free and unauthorized use of characters in a derivate work.  

The novel "DANGEROUS" series is based on the war game "DANGEROUS" and many characters who appeared in the war game appear in the novel.  In other words, the novel "DANGEROUS" is a derivate work of the war game "DANGEROUS".  

In "DANGEROUS Board Game", Kyosuke Kagami encourages players to create new cards by themselves and add to the game.  "DANGEROUS Board Game" inherits the philosophy of the war game "DANGEROUS" - "Everyone brings the idea of characters to create a game".  I like this philosophy and I'm going to create new cards for "DANGEROUS Board Game" by myself in the near future.


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