Media mix of Japanese board games

In November, I introduced "Story of KIZUNA and 'Luciola Cruciaia'(キズナと螢の物語)".

"Story of KIZUNA and 'Luciola Cruciata' has set up a media mix recently.  One is a recitative drama and other is a comic.

The recitative drama will be performed in March 2018, and until January 19, 2018, it is collecting funds through crowdfunding.

The comic will be published in a smartphone application "Comico" in 2018.

Next, I'll tell you about "Hako Onna".

"Hako Onna" that I introduced in October 2017 is also dramatized in August 2017.  To the audiences of the drama, expansion goods of the board game "Hako Onna" were distributed.
In addition, "Hakonna" is also decided to be made into a movie.

"DANGEROUS board game" can be said to be a media mix.  I wrote about it in my past article.


Finally, I will introduce an example where Japanese light novel "A sister's All You Need(妹さえいればいい。)" used a board game for media mix.

A Sister's All You Need - Wikipedia-

In this novel which became manga and animation, several board games appear in the play.  And the original board game which appears in the novel "The Life of Light Novel Writers(ラノベ作家の人生)", and it is now under development and test played at the Tokyo Game Market 2017 Autumn.

The interest for board games is increasing in Japan now, so further media mix may be seen in the future.


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