Some games I bought at the Tokyo Game Market 2017 Autumn

Tokyo Game Market 2017 Autumn was held on December 2nd and 3rd and it gathered about 18,500 people.  Of course I went there, played some games and bought some games.  Today, I'll show you some of these games.

HEBOCON the tabletop battle kit(卓上ヘボコン)

The game by Pen and dice(ペンとサイコロ).

Hebocon is a robot competition for technically ungifted.  Japanese Hebocon Master Daiju Ishikawa held the first Hebocon event in 2014 and now many Hebocon events are held around the world.

For details, refer to the following link.

"Tabletop HEBOCON the tabletop battle kit" reproduced Hebocon in board game.
In the first half of the game, players gather parts tiles and place them on the personal boards.  
Unlike other tile placement games, in this game, when a player completely fills up the personal board with tiles, he gets a "high-tech penalty".  When I heard this, I made a big laugh and decided to buy this game.

Parts tiles have arrows, turn symbols or VP actions, and in the second half of the game, the robots are moved accordingly.  Your purpose is to push out the opponent's robot, but in many cases the robot doesn't move as expected, and sometimes it goes out of the ring against your will.

This game is full of love for "Hebocon", including the atmosphere of instruction manual.


The game by Bodoman & Aokinoko GAMES.

Set a theme at the start of the round.  For example, "You want to have a date with a boy you like!  How do you ask?".
Then each player combines Face card and Mouth card to create a face and speaks words suitable for the theme and the facial expression.

There are 20 Face cards and 20 Mouth cards in each game, and you can make a variety of facial expressions.

Honno Kimochi Desu - Miyabi -(ほんのきもちです〜雅〜)

The game by Hammer Works.
This is not a new game.  Original version "Honno Kimochi Desu" is published in 2006. And re-make version "Miyabi" is published in this spring.

Each player puts an arbitrary number of score cards in envelopes and gives them to other players.  The player who receives the envelope guesses contents from the thickness and feel of the envelope and chooses whether or not to receive it.  

Strongest Bully(最強ガキ大将No.1)

The game by h.o.e.l.
It's a game that distributes scoring cards by the method based on ultimatum game.
I've mentioned this game in the interview with NiceGameHub.

I also bought several other games. If I feel like it, I may introduce them on another occasion.


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