Some remarkable games I played in the past few days

I will introduce a few noteworthy new games that I played in the past few days before the Tokyo Game Market.

The Queen of the Hansa(ハンザの女王)

The game by Yutaka(YuruArt).
In this game, you will become a merchant of Hansa, trade with the four cities, compete for influence, aim to raise more profit than anyone else.
How to handle cards is similar to "Patrizia".  If you like euro games from the 1990s to the 2000s, you might like this game.

Animale Tattica(アニマーレ・タッティカ)

The game by Susumu Kawasaki(Kawasaki Factory).  He is famous for "R-Eco" and "Master of Rules".
Players race to empty their hand.  Each player has a different deck of 16 cards.  Usually you have to play cards with higher rank than previous player played.  However, if you collect the cards of the same rank and the total of that rank equals the total of the rank that previous player played, you can play those cards.  It is simple but highly strategic, it is Susumu Kawasaki's style.


The game by Kazuma Suzuki(Tarte Games).
It is a trick-taking game with three kind of cards, Atsu(熱), Mori(盛) and Zatsu(雑).  When Atsu and Mori are complete with your card and cards played by other player later, you can declare "Atsumori!" to exchange these cards and score them.  It's a strange, strange trick taking game.

My report is over.  Enjoy the Tokyo Game Market!


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