For Fumie(文絵のために)

Today I'll introduce you "For Fumie(文絵のために)", Seiji Kanai's game published in 2017 from Japanese board game publisher One Draw.

The woman in this picture is Fumie.

That day, Fumie died.
The sudden death of the childhood friend.
Takeo hasn't informed the cause of the death and is saddened.
And suddenly the time loops back.
Takeo makes efforts in order to avoid the approaching unknown tragedy.
Everything for Fumie.
(translation from the description of the box)
"For Fumie" is a co-operative game with 2 players.
As a heroine who carries the fate of death and a childhood friend trying to save her, players return to the past and try to avoid their fate.

Takeo has Fumie's deck and Fumie has Takeo's deck.  Each deck has 12cards.  Takeo picks a card from Fumie's hand and uses it, Fumie picks a card from Takeo's hand and uses it. Players can't tell what card they have.

Before the first play, we must put all cards into sleeves with one side opaque in order to hide the effects.  We don't know what will happen when we use the card until use it.  When we use a card for the first time, take the card out of the sleeve, flip it and return it to the sleeve.  After that, we can read the effect of the card.

This game has 3 scenarios, "For Fumie", "Secret murderous intend" and "Teacher Tadokoro's love", and each of them has multiple endings.  
When players meet the ending condition, the players open the corresponding page of the ending book and reads it.

I've played the first scenario "For Fumie", but haven't reached the best ending yet.  It's not easy to reach endings as you like, even if you know all card effects.

Seiji Kanai interpreted a game in which unknown information gradually becomes clear like "Pandemic Legacy" in his own way and created a game with a minimum number of cards.  That's "For Fumie".


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