HELLTOKEN(ヘルトウクン), a 2 players deductive game with a huge robot

Today I'll introduce "HELLTOKEN(ヘルトウクン)" (or "REMOTE CONTROL ROBOT HELLTOKEN"), a 2 players deductive game with a huge robot.

HELLTOKEN is a production by RAM CLEAR(Melon Uminekozawa & Kyo Tumuki).  And Takashi Kurihara drew illustrations.

I want you to see the illustration of huge robot printed on the box.  Does it resemble something?  ...Yes, it was designed based on SDJ(Spiel des Jares) pawn mark.


Dr. Mad, a crazy inventor, created a huge robot "Helltoken".  And he told 2 evil secret societies to fight each other to gain Helltoken.

Each player becomes a leader of the secret society and has a remote controller of Helltoken.  The players alternately manipulate Helltoken and destroy the city.  

There are two victory conditions.

1. Destroy the opponent's bases.  

2. Find your own bases and enter the password correctly.

The locations of the player's own bases are the password to gain control of Helltoken, but the players do not know the location of their base because of Dr. Mad's mischief.  

At the beginning of the game, each player sees 4 opponent's base cards and makes notes of the place written on the card. Place four endurance counters on each card.

The active player moves helltoken, then attacks the city around Helltoken.  Before attacking, the opponent player can move Helltoken using a remote controller card.  The used remote controller card is turned face down and can't be used again until recovered.

After that, the active player draws a robot action card.  It has effects such as changing attack range and attack power, moving Helltoken and others.  Then active player rolls a die and determines the attack power.  

The active player designates the number of places equivalent to the attack power as a place to attack. If an attack hits the base, each player removes the endurance counter of the corresponding base card.  In order not to tell the position of the bases of the enemy, it's no good to attack the opponent's bases too much, but it's no good to don't attack the opponent's bases at all, too.

Each player deduces the location of his own bases based on the result of the attack.  Use the sheet of the lower photo to take notes the result of the attack.

If you find the locations of your own bases, you can enter the password before moving Helltoken. You declare 4 locations and you will win if you declare correctly.  However, you can enter the password only twice during the game.

The following is my impression about HELLTOKEN.

The funny illustrations are nice.  The crazy worldview that Dr. Mad, 2 secret societies and a huge robot produce is also nice.  The deductive system is well done.  I like the uncertainty factor due to cards and dice.  HELLTOKEN is a nice deductive game. 


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