Sugorokuya (すごろくや), board game shop mainly dealing in family games

Today I will introduce Japanese board game shop "Sugorokuya(すごろくや)".

Sugorokuya website

Some of my blog readers may remember the name "Sugorokuya". I have written that Sugorokuya supervises the Japanese comic "After School Saikoro Club" (and that it has nothing with my nickname "Sugoroku Kozo") in past article. 

After School Saikoro Club

Sugorokuya is located in Koenji, Tokyo.  Since opening in 2006, Sugorokuya has been selling overseas board games such as Germany and is striving to disseminate board games in Japan.

Because Japanese ordinary people do not know much about board games, Sugorokuya is doing various things to get them to learn about board games.

Sugorokuya sells some games with a DVD explaining the rule.

Sugorokuya publishes some books introducing board games. Of course, these books are available at the store.  "After School Saikoro Club", too.

Sugorokuya also runs a board game space "Subako(す箱)" and frequently holds board game events.  Event types are varied, for example, in February it holds an event that combines rakugo and board games.

Not only as a board game shop, Sugorokuya has an achievement as a game producer.  For example "Mythe".

I myself rarely buy games with Sugorokuya, but when my friends are interested in board games I recommend Sugorokuya first.  It's a great shop for board game beginners!


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