The new year's board game party at Jun Kusaba's condominium

I joined in the new year's board game party at Jun Kusaba's condominium on January 2, 2018.  This party was held from January 2 to 4, but I couldn't participate on January 3 and 4.

I published an article on Jun Kusaba last year.


As many Japanese condominiums are, Jun Kusaba's condominium is very small.  More than 30 people came to this new year's party, so it was very cramped.  

In this party, we had to place boards directly on the floor to play games sometimes.

Despite its uncomfortableness, many board gamers gather at his condominium.  This is due to his virtue and popularity.

This picture is a part of his board game collection.  He has more than 2,000 board games.  Some board game collectors must have more board games than him.  However, he is different from many other board game collectors because he has only a few things, except board games and books.  He seems to be not interested in wealth and fame.  

This picture is Mahjong playing with 5 players.  Jun Kusaba has Mahjong tables for 5, 6, 7 and 8 players.(We usually play Mahjong with 4 players.)

I'll show more pictures of games I played.

MegaMan NT Warrior Catan(ロックマンエグゼカタン)

Honno Kimochi Desu - Miyabi -(ほんのきもちです〜雅〜)

Time Bomb(タイムボム)(2017 Version)

Battle Destructive School "DANGEROUS" Board Game(戦闘破壊学園ダンゲロスボードゲーム)

My new year's report is over.  Thank you for reading.


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