I'm going to Beijing next week

I usually write about Japanese board game world, but today's blog content is different from usual.  Today I will report that I will go to Beijing, China from March 16th to 19th.

The most significant objective of the Beijing trip is to meet relatives living in Beijing, but besides, I will also observe the board game environment in Beijing, China.

Ten years have passed since the infamous "Legend of the Three Kingdoms(三国杀)" came into the world.  What happened to many board game shops born when the "LTK (Abbreviation for 'Legend of the Three Kingdoms') " became popular in China?  Can YOKA Games create a hit after "LTK"?  Are there Chinese board game masterpieces that are not yet known to the world and can turn "LTK" a thing of the past?  
These questions are interesting for me and I am looking forward to exploring in Beijing.

I am studying Chinese now for my trip. That is why the update frequency of this blog declined.  

Experience in Beijing travel will also be reported on this blog. I want you to look forward to it.


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