"Rule of Magic(魔法陣のルール(仮))", a game you propose rules freely

Game Market Osaka will be held on April 1.  But I have not done enough research on new games of Game Market Osaka because I was busy on traveling to Beijing and translating some Chinese games into Japanese.

Still, I found an innovative game.  "Rule of Magic(魔法陣のルール(仮))".

In this game, players place tokens with color and number in seven spaces of the magic circles and make hands like poker to gain scores.  Up to here is an ordinary game.  

However, the amazing point of this game is from here.  In this game, players can propose to add rules freely!

Each player proposes rules twice during the game.  There are minimal restrictions so as not to destroy the game, but whatever you can propose as long as you meet it.

For example:

"50 points for each red token on the magic circle."

"Set flush's score to 0."

"Immediately give 3 tokens to the player on the right."

"The player who ate bread for breakfast gains 100 million points."

Of course, not all the proposal are adopted.  After the proposal is released, all players vote for each proposal with a card of +2 to -2, and only proposals that totaled more than 1 are adopted.  The proposal favorable only to you would definitely be dismissed.

I played this game once before its release.  In that time, many unexpected proposals appeared, and I never got bored.

Because the publication of the article was delayed, it is rare for those who can read this article and buy this game at Game Market Osaka.

However, it will also be sold at the Tokyo Game Market in May.  I hope this unique game to be delivered to many players all over the world.


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