"Deca Slayer" Kickstarter project

(2018.3.24 I added the link to "Decathlon: King of  Athletes" BGG page.)

Japanese board game publisher Arclight Games launched "Deca Slayer" Kickstarter project on March 23(JST).  
(Supplementary information: Arclight Games is also known as an organizer of Game Market.)

Since this game is created by two famous board game designers in Japan, Hisashi Hayashi, and Seiji Kanai, this game attracted a lot of attention and more than 160 people already have backed as of 17:30 on March 23(JST).

I haven’t played this game yet, but I have played "Decathlon: King of Athletes" once. It's the remake source of "Deca Slayer".

It was not bad, but slightly lacked diversity of development.  When Seiji Kanai redeveloped it, he increased some monster cards and added special effects to some treasure cards.  Devising special effects in cards is Seiji Kanai's forte.  Due to the redevelopment by Seiji Kanai, the shortcomings of "Decathlon: King of Athletes" lacking diversity of development was resolved probably.  I'd like to confirm this point by playing this game soon.

Crowdfunding's privileges are character card naming rights and likenesses.  The character choices will be first come, first served.  If you want these privileges, back the project early! 

This project ends on April 22.  I pay attention to what will happen to Arclight's first Kickstarter project.


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