Game Market 2018 Osaka report

I went to Game Market 2018 Osaka on April 1.  This time was the first Game Market Osaka for me.

According to the organizer's announcement, there were 6000 participants in the game market Osaka this time.  It is not as much as Tokyo Game Market, but it was very crowded.

BXXST Dice(ビーストダイス)
A dice game for two players with cute acrylic dolls by Tansan Inc. 

A real-time game by Oink Games.

Bakafire Party distributed a trial version of "Sakura Arms the New Act(新幕 桜降る代に決闘を)".  The product version of "Sakura Arms the New Act" will be released at the Tokyo Game Market 2018 spring.

Many Japanese board game designers put emphasis on the Tokyo game market in May, so there were not so many eye-catching new works.  Therefore, I mainly bought what I could not afford at the Tokyo Game Market last December.

These are games I bought at Game Market 2018 Osaka.  Many of these were what I missed purchasing at the Tokyo game market 2017 autumn.  I will introduce some of these after playing.


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