I will go to Moonlight Boardgame Festival(月光桌遊節) in Taiwan on May 12th and 13th.

I went to Beijing in March, and I will go abroad again this May. 

In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a board game event "Moonlight Boardgame Festival(月光桌遊節)" will be held on May 12th and 13th.  

月光桌遊節首頁 - 月光桌遊節(Traditional Chinese)

I will go there and feel Taiwan's board game trend.  I will report about my trip on my blog.

Actually, my interest is shifting from Japan to Asia.  Japanese board games are not known well around the world, and the same might be true of board games of other countries in Asia.  So, from now on, I will explore Asian board games not only in Japan, and if I find interesting games and events, I will report on this blog.

However, I am not planning to quit introducing Japanese board games.  I will introduce new games of the Tokyo Game Market 2018 spring soon, so please look forward to it.


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