New games of Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring (1)

Currently, I am preparing to sell second-hand games at Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring.  Therefore, it was hard to post to this blog.  But I sent goods to Tokyo Big Sight a few days ago, so I have time to edit my article now.
My booth is "双六小僧のボードゲーム大放出(Sugoroku Kozo no Board Game Daihousyutu)" at J23 on 5th May.

Now, I introduce several new games at Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring.  

1. Graffiti Gammon 2(グラギャモンにゃん)

Happy Games(ハッピーゲームズ) (6th May, J58)

Happy Games that published "Graffiti Gammon" in 2017 created backgammon with a new design again.  

As shown in the picture, the checkers are the face of white and black cats.
Unlike the previous work, this one is likely to be accepted by a wide range of people, especially families.  On the other hand, like the previous work, the board shows the number of pips and the initial placement of checkers.

2. Last Wan Standing(ラストワンスタンディング)

Hashibirokyo(嘴広卿)(5th May, D29)

Let's introduce a dog's game after the cat's game.

Last Wan Standing is a game where dog gunfighters play gun battle like macaroni western. (In Japan, we express a dog's bark as "wan".)  
Play with 4 to 7 people. The goal is to shoot everyone except "Amigo" that you decide at the start of the round.

Each player has bullet tiles of 1 to 6 and one "Down" tile.  The number shown on the bullet tile means quickness of shooting.  Bullets with a small number can shoot first.  However, you can use one bullet only once during a round.  
You can play "Quick Draw" instead of aiming at an enemy.  In this case, you shoot enemies who aimed you with the same bullet as yours.  

It is a thrilling game that you can play in a short time.

3. Tokyo Sidekick(東京サイドキック)

Little Future(リトルフューチャー)(5th and 6th May, A08)

Tokyo Sidekick is a cooperative game that Comic Heroes and their Sidekicks make efforts to save Tokyo from Villains and Accidents.

Each player controls one Hero and one Sidekick.  Players move their Heros and Sidekicks from place to place in Tokyo to resolve Accidents and chase villains.  Heroes' power is indispensable to beat Villains down, and Sidekick supports heroes in various ability.  
Each player has his/her deck and uses the deck's card to take action.  When you get injured by a Villain, a damage card is added to your deck.  
You can strengthen your Hero, Sidekick, and deck with experience points gained during the game.

This game is a follower of Pandemic.  However, you will have an exciting experience like heroes of comics through this game.
(Notice: This game is highly language dependent.)

4. Animal Draft(アニマルドラフト)

Corolla(5th May, D39)

A game in which organize an animal baseball game by drafting players.  

Player cards have a uniform number, color, bat and the like drawn.
At the beginning of each round, acquire player cards like Japanese professional baseball draft system.
Then take batting practice.  Each player rolls a die with a small bat on the felt baseball ground as many times as the number of bats on the card and strengthens the team's power according to the number and the position of the die.
After batting practice, compare teams' power, and players gain profit according to the rank in power.
After three rounds, earn money according to the set of color, gloves, penguins, etc.  Decide the winner according to the amount obtained.

I am not familiar with sports or draft system of Japanese professional baseball, but I know that this game is full of love for baseball.  If you like baseball or are attracted to the illustration of these animals, it would be worth buying.

There are too many new games at Tokyo Board Game Market 2018 Spring, so only one article is not enough.  I'll introduce further games in the next article.


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