New games of Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring (2)

Let's continue to introduce new games of Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring.

1. Prism Picto

Mahoroba(まほろば)(5th May, D10)

This is an abstract game for three players.

For each turn, the player puts a tile with two hexagons connected.  The player gains VP when three or five hexagons with the same color or mark connect straight.  If seven hexagons with the same color or mark connect straight, the player wins immediately.
The tiles that each player will place in next two turns are open to everyone, and you need to put tiles in anticipation of the future.

It is easy to learn, but you need to be discreet to win the game.

2. HIKTORUNE(ヒクトルーン)

Koguma Kobo(こぐま工房)(5th May, D73-74)

This is a cooperative game using a standing card pile.
In this game, players become wizards.  They try to draw cards from a standing card pile so as not to break the pile.  Then cast a spell using these card to accomplish quests.  It's a novel and nice dexterity game.

3. Stock Hold'em(ストックホールデム)

OKAZU Brand with H(5th and 6th May, B08)

Hisashi Hayashi who is famous for "Yokohama" will publish a game combined a stock market game and poker.
players put an information card at a company in each turn.  At the end of a round, five cards are placed at each company and the poker hand of five cards determines the stock price of the company.  You can increase or decrease the price by placing your cards.
The back of information cards shows its number or suit, so you can guess the price from it.  

4. Beluga(ベルーガ)

I Cannot Live By Myself(ひとりじゃ、生きられない。)(6th May, D75)

"I Cannot Live By Myself(ひとりじゃ、生きられない。)" publishes emotional games on wildlife since 2016.  These games, make us think about life and ecosystem.
"Beluga" is a cooperative game in which mother beluga searches her daughter.  The story is fascinating , and the realistic illustrations are beautiful.
A picture book "Beluga" will be sold at the same time.  It's beautiful, too.

Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring still has plenty of attractive games, so I cannot introduce all of them.  I'm sorry.

Even after the game market is over, I will report fun games from time to time.


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