Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring report

Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring was held on 5th and 6th May.

According to Arklight, this time around 20,000 people gathered this convention. 12 thousand people on the first day and 8 thousand on the second day.  

Recently it seems that the proportion of casual players of game market visitors is increasing. At the same time, the proportion of word games and party games seems to be increasing.

Now I will introduce some games and news that interested me.

Bakafire Party

Bakafire Party released "Sakura Arms the New Act(新幕 桜降る世に決闘を)" at Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring.  It set up a big booth and sold its new work gorgeously.
"Sakura Arms the New Act" has a "Basic Set(基本セット)" and a "Master Set(達人セット)".  Basic Set contains four Megami and "The First Duel(はじまりの決闘)" card set for beginners.   Master Set contains eight Megami, including a brand-new Megami "Raira".  
And Bakafire Party announced a project of "Tragedy looper(惨劇ルーパー)" stage play.

Minimal games

Next, I introduce some minimal games I found at the Game Market.

"Smart 500" series is a brand of four 500 yen games with uniform black-and-white packages.

Kawasaki Factory that is famous for "Master of Rules" published "GEAR 11".  We can play eleven games only with ten cards in this game.  "GEAR 11" is a thought experiment of how many games can be created with minimal components.

"The Satori(ザ・悟り)" published by a newcomer "Roreruri-Do(ろれるり堂)" is a minimal game concerning artwork.  "The Enlightenment" is a bluffing game that Buddhist priests aim to achieve enlightenment.  Scribble written on a round card in the center of the picture means distracting thoughts.  

Mahjong tiles

Board game shop Sugorokuya published "Suzume-Jong(すずめ雀)".  "Suzume-Jong" is an extremely simplified Mahjong in which make a hand only with 6 tiles.

"Yochi Kobo(よち工房)" is creating games with Mahjong-style tiles.

"GEAR 11" that I introduced in this article also has a Mahjong-style tile version.

Some other Pictures

I'll show you some more pictures about Tokyo Game Market 2018 Spring.
In the hall

RPG corner

Happy Games and "Graffiti Gammon 2(グラギャモンにゃん)"

"Ostle" by Miyabi Games(雅ゲームズ)

"Moneybags(ふくろと金貨)" by Oink Games

"Ryuki no Toga(竜姫の咎)" by Polygonotes


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