"IS THIS A GAME?" exhibition (これはゲームなのか?展)

"IS THIS A GAME? #1 Rule Design the World" exhibition was held at 3331 Arts Chiyoda from May 29 until June 3.  This exhibition gathered about 3,000 people in six days.

IS THIS A GAME? exhibition

At this exhibition, ten Japanese independent board game designer groups are exhibiting avant-garde games.

Super Hanko Art(スーパーはんこアート)

"Hanko" means a seal.
The logo of the game designer group painted by seals.

'itten' style paradoxical game history research presentation(itten式逆説的遊戯史学研究発表)

'itten' is a group of designers who made Tokyo Highways and others.
If ancient artifacts such as Stonehenge were games... the games made from such imagination.

Next Generation Domino Toppling Game/Space Domino(次世代ドミノ倒しゲーム/宇宙ドミノ)

Domino tiles standing in a direction different from usual by the power of the magnet. Naturally, you can topple them.  And you can paint a tile and add it to this work.

Three studies on implicit rules(暗黙のルールに関する3つの習作)

A game that adds some rules (such as not seeing boards) to an old abstract game, and makes aware of the implicit rules existing in the game.

MOKU-SOKU Supermarket(スーパーMOKU-SOKU)

A game to guess the item based on the size of the box.

Magnetic Touch(磁気力タッチ)

A game that senses the magnetic force with fingers and guesses the inside of the box.

NONO Playing Cards(ノノ トランプ)

Playing cards with ambiguous adjectives representing the quantity instead of numbers.

Vague Shogi(あいまい将棋)

This is Shogi, but characters on the pieces and squares on the board are missing.

Vague Sugoroku(あいまい双六)

Sugoroku without squares on the board and the dice have ambiguous adjectives instead of numbers.

Game of Delos(デロス島のゲーム)

There is a notice "Don’t move if you are seen from outside".  This is a part of the rule.
"If you are requested things you should not do in general in the game, what will you do?"
Only one player can read the rulebook, This allows you to have a one-time unique experience.  I'll keep the details secret.

Ichi 'Nen' Sei Game(一年生ゲーム)

The playing time of this game is about one year!
Daily activities such as "go to a specific place" generate Victory Points.  Players will gather and count VPs to decide the winner next year.  How many people will keep playing the game to the end?


An exhibition reminiscent of the childhood who was playing with arbitrarily creating a rule that walks only the white part of the crosswalk.


This is an ambitious work by Oink Games.
Since "Void" was published, many play reports appeared on Twitter.  However, they contradict each other.  
What happened?  What is "Void"?  Is this a game?
I do not reveal the secret unless Oink Games does, but this was an interesting experiment involving SNS.

"IS THIS A GAME? #2" is scheduled to be held next year.


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